The meaning behind the numbers in dreams + the master numbers

Since The Greek philosopher Pythagoras said, “The world is built on the power of numbers”, scientists, philosophers and alchemists have sought the golden formula to decode the mysteries of the universe. And Pythagoras was in good company; the teachings of sacred numbers can also be found in Jewish Kabbalah and Chinese I Ching.

It is believed that each number from one to nine has a different vibrational quality; To dream of these numbers might indicate that a message is trying to get through.

The following list is a basic summary of these qualities. The next time you dream of a number, keep this list handy for quick inspiration while you think about your dream. If you are not clear on the message, you can meditate on the response or ask for more clarifying your dreams the next night.

1: Step into your power.

2: Choose positive thoughts when connecting with others.

3: Create and dream big.

4: It’s time to get organized and work diligently – the Universe is supporting you.

5: Have fun; there could be big changes to come.

6: Embrace the love frequency of responsibility and education.

7: The most mystical number of all; you are aligned with the house of your soul.

8: It’s time to manifest what you want.

9: You are guided by the Universe when you help others, and your angels are with you.

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