This Dell business laptop deal is a great bulk buy for your office

If you’re browsing Dell laptop deals for a relatively inexpensive general-purpose laptop, the Latitude 3420 is currently on sale at Dell for just $699, down from the original retail price of $1,159, this which represents a nice little discount of $460. This makes it a great bulk buy for a business that needs good productivity laptops.

Why Should You Buy the Dell Latitude 3420 Laptop

Among the nicest things about the Latitude 3420 is the 14-inch FHD display and its weight of just 3.36 pounds, making it a smaller laptop that’s easier to put in a bag or carry. carry by hand. This is handy for a work environment where one person can take the laptop home every night. The processor is an 11th Gen i5-1135G7, a nice mid-tier processor that can handle the majority of productivity tasks like slideshows, spreadsheets, and word processing applications with ease. It can also reasonably handle transcoding for streaming or video playback for meetings and presentations, which is a nice little extra. There’s also a 720p camera on the front for those who work remotely or have online meetings often, along with a working microphone that should suffice for most calls and conversations.

RAM comes in at 8GB, which should be enough to have at least a few apps and browser tabs open at once – and assuming there’s no abuse, that should suffice for most needs. professionals. Storage is also good at 256GB, although you can still plug in an external hard drive through one of its three USB ports and still have room for a mouse or even a printer. Connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1, so it is scalable and will allow for a great internet connection even from a distance. Finally, there’s Windows 10, although it also comes with a Windows 11 license if you want to go that route.

All in all, the Latitude 3420 is a great business laptop that’s small, light and packed with great features that make it versatile for the budget workplace. And at just $699 from Dell, it’s a good bulk buy for a small or medium-sized business. If you want something a little more powerful and light, there are some great Dell XPS deals to look into, although they’re usually more expensive, or you can check out our general laptop deals for something a little more expensive. another brand.

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