TikTok ‘finfluencers’ are teaching Gen Z how to invest

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“Finfluencers” have flourished on social media giving all kinds of financial advice particularly aimed at young people. One place where this is evident is on TikTok.

Erika Kullberg is TikTok’s number one financial influencer, or “finfluencer”, teaching Gen Z how to save money on the social media platform, new analysis has revealed. This represents a new growth area in digital media.

Erika Kullberg’s placement at the top is taken from a survey conducted by derivatives trading provider CMC Markets and provided to Digital diary for evaluation. The survey analyzed TikTok profiles of creators and marketing calculators to determine the influence of financial content creators on social media.

Former corporate lawyer Erika Kullberg, 32, whose video explaining Nike’s shoe return policy has been viewed more than 74.8 million times, is the most influential financial content creator on TikTok with 8 .9 million subscribers, and can potentially earn an average of $7,040 per sponsored post (she only needs to post two sponsored videos a month to earn the average salary of a corporate lawyer in New York). English entrepreneur Mark Tilbury, 53, is the second most influential with 7.1 million followers, with potential earnings of up to $5,860 per sponsored post.

The result of this review is:

The TikTok earnings of the top ten financial influencers
Last name TikTok handle Number of subscribers Pay per sponsored post (average)
Erika Kullberg erikakullberg 8,900,000 $7,040
Mark Tilbury marktilbury 7,100,000 $5,860
Duke Alexander Moore dukelovestaxes 3,400,000 $2,720
Brandon Schlicher the joy of investing 3,400,000 $2,640
Humphrey Yang humphreytalks 3,300,000 $2,640
Tatiana Londono tatlondono 2,700,000 $2,160
SEO Preston thelegacyinvestingshow 2,300,000 $1,840
Tori Dunlap hisfirst100k 2,200,000 $1,760
John Liang johnsfinanceadvice 2,000,000 $1,600
Viviane You yourrichebff 1,800,000 $1,360

Duke Alexander Moore, aka Duke Tax, is the third most popular financial TikToker. Based on his 3.4 million subscriber count, niche, and audience, he could earn around $2,720 per sponsored video. Duke’s videos teach followers about taxes for creators and entrepreneurs and personal finance advice. His most popular video, with more than 10.6 million views, summarizes President Biden’s stimulus plan, explaining how people can claim the checks and how to deposit them on a tax return. Duke is from Shreveport, Louisiana. Before finding success in finance, Duke was evicted from his apartment and filed for bankruptcy. He is now a Certified Tax Coach and Registered Agent, and currently one of Intuit’s Top 5 QuickBooks Tax Advisors in Dallas, TX.

Overall, out of ten of the most influential financial TikTok creators, nearly ten are based in the United States

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