Top Trends and Tips for Styling Your Workspace

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Do you remember when the concept of a home office was something reserved for a rather small group of people? The rest of us would drag our lethargic bodies to a dedicated workspace where the only real personality you could bring to your space was a photo or two, and maybe a nice calendar if you wanted. COVID-19 and the reshuffle it has caused in the world of work means that the vast majority of office workers have now had a taste of WFH life. And for some of us, it’s still a big part of our work experiences despite coming back in person.

If that’s you, it’s not a bad idea to consider giving your home office a bit more character and love (especially since you spend a lot more time there).

With that in mind, here are some ideas and trends we found related to designing a stylish home office space.

Style trends and ideas for the home office

Referring to trends that pop up on Pinterest, as well as some trends from home improvement trio Three Birds Renovations, we’ve put together a list of the best ideas to consider for sprucing up your office.

Timeless aesthetics

According to Pinterest’s 2022 trend predictions, watchmaking is booming right now. Whether it’s designing your space with a nod to the Clockwork aesthetic (up to 55% search) or investing in an oversized clock wall decor (which has increased 7x the research), this trend is a pretty perfect option for home office style. .

Plus, what better than a giant clock to remind you that you’re done with your day?

Make your furniture work for you

Sure, your home office is ultimately a workplace, but that doesn’t mean your furniture has to be bland and cold. One of the points made by Bonnie, Erin and Lana in their book Three Birds Renovations: How to Make a Dream Home is that you have to decide on a color scheme and then choose “beautiful furniture – the kind you would buy for your home, not the office”.

No more ugly office chairs, please. Here’s our roundup of everyone who is Actually worth watching.

Plants, plants, everywhere:

Another booming trend on Pinterest right now is biophilic styling. The term biophilic, for those unfamiliar, refers to a plant-based approach to design, which is especially popular in offices.

The term “biophilic office design” has been multiplied by 3, indicating that there is currently huge interest in plant-filled office spaces, which will naturally carry over to home offices as well. If you need hard-to-kill plant suggestions, here’s a list.

Design your space around a work of art:

One of the great tips shared by Three Birds Renovation on office design is that structuring your plan around a central piece of art is a good place to start.

This design tip can help inform color choices, textures, and even furniture layout. Don’t assume an office should be dull and artless; a good choice here can inspire creativity and certain color choices can also help with concentration.

Create desktop “zones”:

If you work with a larger area and are likely to hold meetings in your home office, the Three Birds Renovation team recommends creating zones for added comfort.

Maybe that means a comfy sofa for chatting over coffee and a bigger table for office work? Or maybe it just means introducing an occasional chair next to a bookshelf to provide the option of a relaxed reading area should you need it.

Warm up your desk with natural elements:

Gone are the days of fluorescent lighting and an all-black design approach for offices. I mean, unless you’re into it. It’s more important than ever to create calming environments in which to work and natural elements, like wood finishes and natural light, are perfect for this.

As Three Birds Renovations writes in their book, natural light and lots of open space paired with a long wooden table and simple cabinetry is the perfect combination for a stylish and inviting home office.

Create an office corner:

Pinterest data revealed there’s been a 50% increase in searches for a “built-in study nook”, so if you don’t have enough space for a full home office, a mini nook might do the trick by giving you the illusion of being in a dedicated work/study space (even while connected to another space). While not every home has a space you can simply build into, the simple act of placing a desk with shelves in the corner of a room and creating that little “corner” somewhere that is purely conducive to work can be a great alternative.

If you want to follow some recommendations from us on worthwhile home office furniture, may we suggest you check out our review of the Koala collection next?

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