We can’t believe how cheap these HP laptop deals are

HP is one of the best laptop brands and has an incredible variety of them, whether you want a beastly gaming laptop or a more versatile and budget-friendly business or education laptop. Luckily, HP is having a great sale on its customizable Pavilion laptop, something of a workhorse for the computing industry giant, and you can even pick it up from HP for $500 instead of $901, which is a $401 deep discount, making this one of the best HP laptop deals for the day.

Why Should You Buy the HP Pavilion Laptop

As we mentioned this is one of their customizable laptops, you might want to revisit our laptop buying guide, although we’ll do our best to point out some good updates. level over time. For starters, the display is a 15.6-inch Full HD display with 250 nits of peak brightness, and for $10 more you can get the version with BrightView technology. If you can, for $60 more you can boost the peak brightness to 300 nits and get anti-glare and HP low blue light technology. The Pavilion comes with 8GB of RAM, and if you don’t want to run into your RAM limit, we suggest spending at least an extra $60 to upgrade to 16GB, which will also be two sticks in dual-channel mode. . and better than a single stick in single-channel mode.

As for the processor, and at the base you get a 12th Gen Intel i5-1235U, which is good enough for most people and probably not worth an upgrade unless you want to do some gaming. , in which case you’d have to spend the $120 to also get an Nvidia MX550 GPU. It’s not very powerful, but it will get you by with casual and indie games. You can also spend $300 to get the same GPU with an i7 instead, but if you don’t need a lot of processing power, it’s not worth it. Finally, the base storage is a 256GB SSD, which should be enough for most people, though upgrading to 512GB for $70 should be considered.

Overall the HP Pavilion is a great laptop, even the base model with HP’s discounted $500 price tag, although if you use that money you save on a few upgrades here and there it can to be an excellent companion. That said, if you want a few more options, there are other great laptop deals out there.

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