Where to stream Friday the 13th movies in May 2022

It’s Friday the 13th today. We all know what that means. It’s time to watch the Friday 13 movies once again. Where can you stream them right now?

Whether you’re only interested in the first movie or want to watch the entire franchise, today is a good day for them. It’s the day of the year when Jason Voorhees goes out for revenge. Well, okay, his mother wants revenge in the first movie, but it’s Jason who shows up for the others.

There are 12 slasher movies in total. You probably won’t have time to go through them all. The first handful of movies are the best, but the flash and Supernatural fans will want to watch the 2009 rebooted film that just didn’t work to revive the franchise.

Are Friday the 13th Movies on Amazon?

There is bad news for those who only want to watch the movies with their Prime subscription. None of them are available on Prime Video.

You can, however, watch on Prime Video Channels. Some films are available on AMC+. The good news is that the first three movies are among those available, and we all know they’re the best. The fourth is also worth watching, and it’s also available on AMC+.

In fact, it looks like it’s possible to watch the first eight films. From there, it is more difficult to find them. You cannot watch the 2009 version on AMC+.

Get the movies digitally through Amazon Video

One of the best options is probably to get the Friday 13 films on digital. That means you buy them all through Amazon Instant Video. It will be expensive, so I suggest you only get the ones you are going to watch today first. You can add the others to your collection whenever you want to watch another one.

When you add them to your Amazon library by purchasing them, you can watch them whenever you want. There is no need to worry about where they will stream next.

Get the first set of Friday 13 movies on AMC+ via Main video channels.

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