Windows 11: Protect Your Laptop With These Antivirus Deals

Windows 11 is finally here, with the latest generation of Microsoft’s flagship operating system rolled out as an update to Windows 10 and available already loaded on newer PCs and laptops. If you bought a new machine with Windows 11 preinstalled, it would be wise to protect your device by signing up for an antivirus service. While Windows 11 already has Windows Defender anti-malware software as well as hardware-supported security features like Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, using third-party antivirus software will add a crucial additional layer of security. .

If you’re considering signing up for an antivirus service to help protect your Windows 11 laptop, the good news is that some of the major vendors are currently offering budget deals.

AVG, Avast and Bitdefender all offer discounts on their range of cybersecurity solutions. AVG has made a name for itself by providing a brilliant, free downloadable antivirus tool. However, if you want the full protection that AVG can offer, you will need to sign up for its AVG Internet Security or AVG Ultimate offerings.

AVG Internet Security does not help block viruses and protect against ransomware, it also helps users avoid dangerous websites, protects them from phishing threats and checks Wi-Fi network security. Currently, AVG offers a 40% savings on AVG Internet Security, which reduces the price from £ 49.99 to £ 29.99 per year.

The top-of-the-line AVG Ultimate, which offers access to AVG Secure VPN, has also seen its price drop from £ 99.99 per year to £ 69.99.

That’s a 30 percent savings. Remember that these AVG savings are only for the first year.

Avast – another free antivirus provider – also offers paid options that provide much superior protection.

Avast’s paid options are Avast One and Premium Security, which can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Avast One typically costs £ 79.99 per year, but that amount has now been reduced by 48% to £ 41.88. This package will allow you to use Avast One on five devices.

Premium Security has also seen its price drop from £ 74.99 per year to £ 49.99. Anyone who subscribes to this option will be able to use Premium Security on 10 devices.

These discounts, again, only apply for the first year. Other antivirus vendors currently offering price reductions include Bitdefender and Trend Micro, while Malwarebytes and ESET also offer low-cost security solutions.

You can find links to the various current antivirus offerings by clicking on the widget in this article.

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