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Young Writers Project, an independent nonprofit organization based in Burlington, encourages young people to write and use digital media to express themselves with clarity and power, and to build confidence and skills for school, the work and life.

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Each week, VTDigger features a writing submission — an essay, poem, fiction, or non-fiction — along with a photo or illustration from the Young Writers Project.

YWP publishes approximately 1,000 student works each year here, in Vermont newspapers, on Vermont Public Radio, and in YWP’s monthly digital magazine, The Voice. Since 2006, it has provided a place for young people to write, share their photos, art, audio and video, and to explore and connect online at youngwritersproject.org. For more information, please contact Susan Reid at [email protected].

From the YWP media library, digital art by Eleanor Hoopengardner.

“Ah… young love! When you are young, you are offended when the older ones say so; when we ourselves are older, we yearn for those simpler times. This week’s featured poet, Colchester-based Noah Carmona, talks about a newfound inner buoyancy and optimism within him, as life suddenly started to feel a little more colorful with a devoted new partner by his side .

By Noah Carmona, 16, from Colchester

My bloodshot eyes open to the light.
My tired heart wakes up, asking for another night’s sleep.
My fingers bend, everywhere feel the blanket that caressed my body,
but the blanket is not as warm as you.

I get up and let my heart take a jog,
while the cold air from outside hits the water of the lake and forms a pleasant fog.
The showerhead sends out a jet of water and moistens my soft skin.
But the water is not as refreshing as you.

I cook my breakfast and eat like it’s a chore.
Bring the spoon to my mouth and make me eat more.
The food? It’s actually not as bad today as before,
as it was before I met you.

I walk outside and let the sun wash my face and soften my hair.
The sun smiles even more and the dawn illuminates my skin, as is rare.
I feel my mouth slip into a smile and my eyes grow as big as the moon in the night sky.
I shouldn’t be surprised; I started to feel that the moment you kissed my eyes.

You make me feel something my heart hasn’t felt in a while, finally.
You make my monotonous days worth it, finally.
You show me the stars in the night sky that twinkle as brightly as your eyes, at last.
You capture the attention of my eyes; now i feel like i can finally fly, finally.

Finally, I feel.
Finally, I feel something I haven’t felt in a while.
Whether you break my heart or tear my smile or not,
I know the trip I have with you will be worth it.

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